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So you just burned your motor or you want to rewind your motor for more power/torque, but are confused as to how to wind the motor. Just enter the no of poles ( the no of stator arms) and the no of magnets in this calculator and it will provide a winding schematic.

The no of poles/stator arms of the motor are always in the multiples of 3 and hence the motor has 3 phases. Each phase is winded separately. If you mark any stator arm as phase one, then the next stator arm of the same phase can be obtained by adding 3 to the first stator arm.

So stator arms 1, 4,7,10…ect belong to one phase. Similarly stator arms 2,5,8,11…etc belong to phase two and stator arms 3,6,9,12.. belong to phase three.

Pole: Magnet:

How to read the calculator

Let us take n example to explain this. Enter 12 in the no of poles/stator arms and 10 as the no of magnets and press enter. The result should be AabBCcaABbcC. Each alphabet represents the stator no starting from left side.

So for winding phase one (represented by A/a) you would first start with any stator arm and mark it as 1. Then after winding the first arm move to arm 2 and start winding in the opposite direction as represented by a change in case of alphabet.

So if you had wound stator arm 1 in clockwise direction, you will wind stator arm 2 in anti-clockwise direction. After winding arm 2 then move to stator arm 7 and 8 respectively. Phase one winding is complete now. Similarly wind phase two and three starting from stator arm 3 and 5 respectively.

Each phase will have two open wire ends. The way in which you terminate these ends will decide if you have a star or delta winding configuration.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and would make great use of this calculator.