Hi, my name is Ankur Kaul and I am the creator of allthatido.com. Most people wish to go to heaven after they die, I was born there. A very small part of my life was spent in this heaven called Jammu & Kashmir. I have lived since in New Delhi, the capital of the Republic of India.

Since childhood I was fascinated will all things that fly. I spent my childhood in building airplanes with sticks, rulers and tin sheets and wanted to become a fighter pilot. But unfortunately I was diagnosed with myopia at an early age and couldn’t pursue my dream. It was not until 2001, that I heard about this amazing hobby of flying remote-controlled aircrafts called aeromodelling .

I still remember the first article I read about this hobby in the Times of India which also featured a beautiful image of a J3 Piper Cub in a yellow color scheme. Thereafter began my romance with this hobby. In the third year of college, my Dad gifted me a Futaba 6EXAP which set things rolling. Things have come a long way since then and I am currently staying at Mumbai and fly at the field opposite to the Patni Computers, Thane. Someday I wish to represent India in an international aeromodelling competition.

The Website

This website serves as a platform not only to document my builds and projects but to also help inspire other people to take up and possibly excel in this hobby. I will try to extensively document my builds with ample pics and writing to guide other members. Another objective of the website is to share knowledge with people having the same passion and create an atmosphere of camaraderie. If you are a beginner and want to pursue this hobby, please feel free to hit the contact page and drop me a message.

You can also contact me through any of the social media links provided in the footer, as well as the header. Apart from aeromodelling, I love graphic designing , website building and provide freelance services for the same.

all that i do